Are You Summer Ready

The groundhog didn’t see his shadow. That means spring is on its way. In Florida, Spring turns into Summer quickly, so are you ready?

We suggest you do the following to prepare for this years cooling season.

•Purchase 6 months of filters and change them monthly. Changing your filters monthly will allow your system to breathe. A system that can breathe will have less repairs and will take longer to wear out.

•Clean any debris away from your condenser. Use a garden hose to “blast off” any leaves or dirt that might “starve” your condenser of air.

•Purchase a programmable thermostat. You will find that setting your air a few degrees higher when you are not home will save you money.

•Have a checkup performed on your air conditioning system. Click on this link for more information.

•Think about replacing your worn out system with a new high efficiency system. Most air conditioners break during the peak of the cooling season. You don’t want to be vulnerable and have to wait for days for a new system and not make the right product choice in the “heat” of the moment

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