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Tips to Slash AC Bill

There’s one thing for certain when the summer months roll around – your air conditioner is going to work overtime, driving your power bill up into the realm of absurdity. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 5 tips to help you slash that air conditioning bill.



1. Draw Your Curtains or Close Your Blinds
One of the single largest sources of energy loss in a home is due to sunlight and heat coming through windows. Closing your blinds or drawing your curtains will make a huge difference in your comfort level as well as your energy use.

2. Raise the Temp When Not at Home
Most of us set our thermostat and leave it. However, there’s no point in keeping the house cooled if you’re not going to be at home. Consider raising your thermostat several degrees when you and the family leave for the day.

3. Invest in an Electronic Thermostat
If you’re still using an old-style analog thermostat, consider investing in a programmable electronic one instead. It can save you plenty of money over time and can also help improve your comfort level.

4. Invest in Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fans use electricity, but they can also help you cut down your use of the air conditioner by circulating the air in your rooms better.

5. Beware of Exhaust Fans
Exhaust fans play an important role in your home, whether they’re over the stove top or in the bathroom. However, remember that when they’re in use, they’re sucking your cooled air out and making your air conditioner work harder to replace it.

These 5 simple steps can make a drastic difference in the amount of money you spend due to air conditioner use. Of course, there are many other things you can do as well, including cleaning your ducts and having your air conditioner professionally serviced.

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