Professional AC and Heat Pump Service/Repair

In the state of Florida , we have more than our share of beautiful, sunny days! Sometimes, that sun can be a bit too much and we move the party indoors. But nothing derails a great day like a failed central air conditioning system. Thankfully, Andy”s Air Inc of is here to save the day! Our highly-trained employees are skilled Clearwater air conditioning repair & service technicians for nearly every major brand of HVAC unit available. At Andy’s Air Inc we will evaluate your system, identify any problems and provide you with a detailed estimate prior to beginning any necessary work. Assuring your system is operating at peak performance can also save you money on your cooling and heating bills.

Proper AC Service Can Save Time & Save Money

Experts estimate that heating and air conditioning can account for more than 50% of your electricity bill! Having your system checked properly by our Clearwater AC service team, can help lower that cost by fixing the small issues before they become larger ones. Duct leaks, Freon leaks and improperly functioning heat pumps can all add up to a higher electric bill if not properly repaired when the malfunction occurs.

At Andy’s Air Inc, we know how hard our Florida weather can be on your HVAC units, and we’ll help you keep your energy as efficient as possible with the AC service you deserve.

Choose the Right Clearwater Air Conditioning Repair Company

When you choose the wrong Clearwater air conditioning repair company, it can be a costly nightmare. At Andy’s Air Inc, our team of technicians are skilled in treating the most common and complex Air conditioning repair problems: rooms not cooling, vents blowing hot air, noisy equipment, broken thermostats and so much more!

At Andy’s Air Inc we have a commitment to customer satisfaction and continuing education for our AC service technicians and that is why we are the right choice your for air conditioning repair in Clearwater. When your HVAC unit quits on the hottest of days and you need an experienced Clearwater AC service & repair company, look no further than Andy’s Air Inc.

Want to avoid unnecessary Air Conditioning Repair Service Calls?

Before calling for service, check the following:

  • Are all switches on the Thermostat in the correct operating position?
  • Are the air conditioning circuit breakers in the “ON” position?
  • Do you have a clean filter? Failing to change your filters will result in higher electric bills and cause your air conditioning system to fail before its time.
  • Some ac units and thermostats have a 2 to 5 minute delay relay that may delay the unit from coming back on immediately. Be patient before calling for service. This is particularly important after a power failure.
  • Be careful not to start and stop your unit. Turning the thermostat up and on at short intervals or switching it off and on can cause compressor problems.
  • Check out your condenser (outside unit); be sure there is no debris causing your condenser to be starving for air.

Always remember, regular AC maintenance on your heating and air conditioning system is your best bet to minimize breakdowns.

If you’re interested in our AC and heat pump service/repair service, call us at (727) 678-5701 or send us an email to receive a free quote.

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