Replacing Your AC

It is usually the hottest times of the year when the AC unit begins to fail. The air conditioner often operates continuously in the heat, which can at times blow the compressor, or put a heavy strain on the electronic components.

Most homeowners do not know that the air-conditioning unit is designed to last between 12 and 15 years before it begins to develop serious issues. If the AC unit is getting too old to be efficient or simply not keeping the interior air of the home cool, it might be best to consider replacing it before something serious happens. But exactly what time of year is best for replacing the AC unit?

Replacing the unit during the off-season (fall or spring) could be significantly less expensive than during the busy seasons of winter or summer when the HVAC system is being used most often.

Before the first blast of winter arrives, and the need to turn on the heater is required, usually serves as the perfect time to install a brand-new air-conditioning system. Likewise, early spring is a good time for replacement before the air-conditioning unit will need to be turned on, in the first hot days of late spring.

Waiting too long to call a St. Petersburg AC repair technician could cause significant issues when the unit stops functioning, or the compressor seizes up. The sweltering heat of a blistering summer is not the ideal time to experience a failing air-conditioning unit.

Many homeowners choose the early spring and late fall to have their HVAC system replaced or tuned up. If it is questionable whether or not your AC unit is working properly, an experienced St. Petersburg AC repair technician can fully evaluate the unit to determine if it needs to be repaired, maintain, or replaced.

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