R22 Phase Out & Coolant

If you have had your central cooling system in place for a while, having it serviced might come with a major shock when you get the repair bill. If your technician has to refill your coolant (Freon or R-22), you’ll find that you’re paying more than in years past. Traditional coolant has skyrocketed a massive 200% in recent years. What’s behind this massive cost increase?

A Look at Who’s Behind the Rise
So, who’s behind this price increase? You might think it’s your Clearwater AC Repair Tech, the coolant manufacturers or the raw material suppliers. However, that’s wrong. Actually, the US government and the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA is the force driving up the price for traditional HVAC system coolant. They’re not doing it strictly for the revenues, though.

What’s the Reason?
Part of the reason that the price has jumped so high is that traditional coolant is being phased out completely. Studies have shown that it’s enormously harmful to the environment, and the government has taken steps to eliminate that threat over time.

What’s Being Done?
Ok, so if the EPA is phasing out R-22, what are homeowners with legacy systems to do? First, there will be a supply of the coolant available, though you’ll be paying a pretty penny for it (as mentioned above). Perhaps the best option is to look into upgrading your system so you can make use of new, more eco-friendly coolant options on the market now.

Whether you choose to continue as long as possible with R-22 or make the change now, it’s important that you work with a reputable HVAC company. A responsible company will be able to inform you about your options for upgrading or converting and will be able to supply you with coolant until you make the decision to change.


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