Questions to Ask

The moment your air conditioner stops working, it can feel like the world has stopped turning, too. It never becomes clearer how much we rely on our air conditioning units than when they no longer work. But before you go calling an AC repair company, continue reading this article. Below are some questions you should ask them to ensure that you get the best service possible.

“Are You Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?”

This one will depend largely on your state and municipality, so be sure to check with the appropriate laws in your area. However, HVAC contractors need to be licensed, bonded, and insured to work on your unit.

Licensing not only makes them legal to work in your home, it guarantees they’ve gone through certain testing and on the job training. So, although someone without a license may try to pitch you a lower price to overlook this issue, know that you could be paying for potentially inferior service (and committing a crime).

Many states make it mandatory for an HVAC contractor to be bonded and insured to save the homeowner potential costs in a worst-case scenario. Before allowing any contractor in your home, you should have them confirm that they’re insured. Otherwise, you could be held accountable for any damage they do to your home or even themselves.

”May I Have an AC Repair Quote?”

Depending on the problem with your unit, you could be in for a shocking price tag to have it fixed. Get a quote upfront to avoid any sticker shock that might be coming your way. Quotes also make it easy to shop around, so you can ensure you’re getting a good deal. Just letting an air conditioning contractor know you’re looking can be enough to make them provide you the best service and experience possible.

“Do You Have Experience with My Air Conditioning System?”

All air conditioning units are not built the same. In fact, many are designed quite differently from each other. As such, you could end up with a repairman who’s looking at your unit for the very first time. So, be sure to ask them upfront if your unit is something they have successfully repaired before.

While it’s only natural that you want your home’s cool temperature back as soon as possible, consider the above before making any calls. The last thing you want is a bigger problem or bill on your hands because you didn’t do your due diligence.

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