Minimizing Allergies

In Florida, spring is not the only month of the year that Clearwater residents need to deal with their allergies. Most homeowners do not recognize the critical need to replace the air filters on a routine basis to help reduce the level of pollen, dust mites, pet dander, hair, dust, debris and other contaminants that float around in the interior space of the house.

There are significant things that any household can do to reduce the high levels of indoor air contaminants. Following them will minimize the potential for needing to use the services of a Clearwater AC repair technician. These tips include:

  • Keep Furniture & Carpets Clean – Both the furniture and the carpets are ideal for trapping indoor allergens, especially pollen. Vacuuming routinely can significantly diminish most allergens in the home, and prevent the contaminants from being recirculated throughout the house.
  • Routinely Change the Correct Air Filters – It is imperative to change the air filters to the HVAC system at least once a month, and sometimes more during the high allergy seasons of spring and summer. A clean filter can capture nearly all of the allergens floating throughout the home.
  • Keep Windows and Doors Closed – While living in the South does provide a beautiful view year-round, it is still essential to keep windows and doors closed to prevent outdoor allergens from gaining access to the indoors.
  • Routinely Maintain the AC Unit – Annual maintenance service by an experienced Clearwater AC repair tech can ensure that the unit is working properly. This will significantly reduce the amount of allergens in the home’s interior air.

Through proper maintenance, the AC unit of the house can capture much of the dust, debris and contaminants in the air and reduce the potential for allergies. To ensure it’s operating properly, it is important to have the unit serviced once or twice a year by a certified Clearwater AC repair technician.

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