Lower Your Cooling Bill

reduce ac billEvery resident in the Florida area needs to be mindful of exactly how to keep their monthly cooling bills at a minimum. Extensive heat in the hot summer months can generate high cooling bills when the AC unit continually runs. The brutality of the summer months often translates into paying higher prices for cool air.

However, there are ways of maintaining a high efficiency of the air conditioning unit that does not require much thought. These include:

* Changing the Filters – A clogged filter can cause significant problems to the unit while reducing the airflow inside the home. Changing them routinely – at least once every month – can keep the unit clean and operating properly.

* Using the Ceiling Fans – Ceiling fans can allow the air-conditioning unit to work more efficiently. It helps circulate the interior air to maximize circulation.

* Adjust the Thermostat – Utilizing a programmable thermostat and setting it up properly can make the most efficient use of the air-conditioning system. By setting up variable programs, the home can be automatically adjusted to a higher temperature when no one is there, like when the family is on vacation, or everyone is off to school or work.

* Block Natural Light – By minimizing natural light during the heat of the day, it is easy to lower monthly utility bills. This means closing off direct sunlight using blinds, drapes, or shutters to maintain a cooler air temperature inside the home.

* Service the AC Unit – The AC unit needs to be serviced routinely by a Clearwater AC repair company to ensure it operates properly. This includes checking the compressor outdoors and removing any blocking debris, including leaves, branches or shrubs.

It is imperative to routinely maintain the AC unit to ensure it is functioning efficiently. This can be done on as scheduled maintenance program through a licensed Clearwater AC repair company at least once or twice every year.

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