Knowing AC Maintenance

air conditioning repairAlthough you might not go so far as hauling away someone else’s AC, it’s safe to say that life can be pretty painful without one. Once you have an air conditioner, though, you wouldn’t be the first homeowner to experience the need for air conditioning repair. Are you dealing with air conditioning problems, and wondering what to do? Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

How Long Should an Air Conditioner Last?

The average air conditioner will last for 10-15 years before needing an AC unit replacement. If your air conditioner is younger than 15 years old, repairs, rather than replacement, is probably the safest bet, as you can still get many years of use out of the unit. Once your air conditioner is 15-20 years old, or even older, though, you’ll probably be better off getting a new model installed — not only will it be less likely to break down, but it will probably be more energy efficient.

The Benefits of a Maintenance Agreement for Your Air Conditioning Unit

  • When you get an AC installed, you often have the choice of signing up for a maintenance agreement. This can be a good way to keep your AC in working order, rather than only dealing with repairs as the need arises.
  • One thing that you, or your HVAC maintenance tech, should do is clean the AC filters. Dirty filters can reduce system efficiency by blocking airflow. A clean filter can reduce energy consumption by up to 15%.
  • AC coil replacement is a difficult process, and not one you can easily do by yourself since there is soldering involved, as well as licensing and laws regarding the refrigeration. The evaporator coil is an essential part of your AC its breakage can cause the entire unit to stop working correctly.
  • Like many things, an air conditioning system will work best, longest, and most efficiently if it’s given routine maintenance. Despite best efforts, many people eventually forget to do this themselves or don’t know how to, which is why it’s a good thing to look for an AC unit installation contract that will cover both routine cleaning and small air conditioning repairs.

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