Is Your AC Broken

Let’s be honest, having to deal with an AC unit that is not functioning properly can be a serious and stressful situation for the entire family. This is especially true during the heated days of the summer. When there is something seriously mechanically wrong with the unit, it can be expensive to repair. Surprisingly, there may be a simple solution to the problem, which might not require an experienced Clearwater air conditioning repair technician to resolve.

The most common air-conditioning problems involve the thermostat, the filter, and the outdoor unit (the compressor and coils). If the AC unit will not turn on at all, it might actually be the thermostat that is not functioning. An experienced Clearwater air-conditioning repair service technician can check to see if the thermostat is operating properly, which would not cost much to repair or replace.

The filter is a key component in keeping the interior components of the air handler clean. When not replaced, they can easily become clogged and significantly decrease the performance of the AC unit. Simply changing the filter when this happens will not remedy the situation, as it usually requires a thorough cleaning of the coils within the air handler. This can only be done by a trained Clearwater air-conditioning repair technician.

The outdoor unit, which contains the compressor and cooling coils, might be blocked with rocks, leaves, tree limbs, bushes, or any other object around the outside of the coils. This can cause a significant reduction in the necessary airflow that takes the heat away from the unit. Removing any obstruction around the outside of the coils might allow the AC unit to function properly.

If the situation is not easily resolved, it is important to schedule an appointment with a Clearwater air-conditioning repair company to evaluate the problem, inspect the unit, and get it operating properly again.

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