Investing In a AC

Living in Florida and maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home or business when the weather outside is hot and humid is important to you. Traditionally, you may be using a central AC system for this, but you have more options today. One of the most popular is the heat pump system but is it the right choice for your needs? Let’s take a look at which is better.

Dual Purpose
One of the first things you’ll find is that a heat pump does more than just cool your home. It can heat it as well. That means a heat pump system can replace a dual central air conditioning and furnace setup in some cases. However, if you live in an area where wintertime temps drop below 25 degrees for long periods, you’ll still need a separate heat system to maintain warmth.

Operational Savings
One reason that many people switch to a heat pump is that they often use less energy to condition the air in your home. Over time, this will save you a significant amount of money, particularly with the rising costs of gas and oil for home heating use.
However, you should understand that your savings are going to be greater in the winter than in the summer, though they will certainly be present during the warmer months of the year. When comparing heat pumps, look for a high SEER rating – this indicates a higher efficiency rating and will provide more substantial savings throughout the unit’s lifespan than a lower SEER rating.

Heat pumps can be more efficient, offer energy savings and provide other benefits. However, they’re not ideal for everyone. If you’re considering a heat pump rather than a central air conditioning system, speak with a reputable Clearwater air conditioning company to find out which would be ideal for your specific needs.

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