How Does an AC Work

Many individuals wonder exactly what the Clearwater AC repair technician is doing when maintaining their HVAC unit. He or she is checking every component to ensure its operating properly, and using diagnostic tools to test the system.

In essence, the air-conditioning unit works very similarly to the home’s refrigerator, except for the fact that it is large enough to cool the entire house. It uses refrigerant, exactly like the refrigerator that has the ability to absorb heat in the air. The unit is designed to take Freon (a refrigerant) in its liquid form and transform it into a gas, and then convert it back into a liquid. This process is repeated continuously when the unit is operating.

Most AC units are composed of two significant components, the evaporator located inside the home, and the AC condenser containing the compressor located somewhere outside the home. This type of AC unit is often referred to as a split system air conditioner.

The cooling process requires that the Freon refrigerant enter the outside compressor as a low-pressure gas. The outside unit then compresses the gas. The compressed gas is then passed through the condenser with pipes and fins that will help push the heat away from the Freon gas. This will transform it into a cool liquid again while it is under extremely high pressure. The liquid is then pushed through the system to the evaporator inside the home where it is released as a liquid and vaporized into the Freon gas again.

As the Freon refrigerant vaporizes, it absorbs the heat out of the air, which cools it down. The cool air is then circulated by the interior unit throughout the home making the house feel very comfortable.

The efficiency of the unit is highly dependent on how well every component is maintained on a routine basis. Any dirt and debris that gets past the filters can significantly impact the unit’s efficiency in a negative way. To ensure it maintains its optimal function, it is important to have the unit inspected and maintained by a licensed certified Clearwater AC repair technician.

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