Higher Electric Bills

Such turbulent times these are! The stress of the holidays is over…only shadowed by the stress of the new year and the slipping economy. Gas prices fluctuate, food prices are high and our paycheck seems to be lower. Of course, many have lost their jobs, etc….I could go on and on.

This year, 2009, the power company has vowed to raise their rates. It is rumored it could go as high as 30%. I’m hoping (and praying) that it won’t go that high….but even at 15% what would happen. That is an increase of $15.00 per $100.00 per month. My 1600sq ft home averages about $275.00 in the heat of the summer. (this is much lower than many of my friends). A 15% increase would make my bill $317.00. That’s $42.00 more each month.

This has really freaked us out….so we run around all day and night turning off lights, computers, TVs. However, the bulk of this power bill is caused by my appliances including my air conditioner.

We replaced our a/c system 2 years ago and began to see approx a $100.00 drop in our electric bills the following summer. As I said, our bills have run $275.00 in the hot summer months. Many of my friends are paying well over $400.00 for the same size house and that is before the proposed increase. These friends have old a/c systems…..how much they could save if they would just invest in their home.

The best part is…since I have replaced my straight cool a/c unit to a heat pump…my heating bills have been cut by more than 1/2. I can keep my heat on during the day and maintain my heat/cool at 76 all year round. When I say my bills are $275 a month…that’s heating or cooling my house to 76 degrees!!!

Replacing your old inefficient air conditioning system will save you in the long run. With the proposed increases in energy…now is the time to bite the bullet and change out that system.

For an investment of approximately $2500-$5000 (depending on the size of your home)…you could save at least $75-100 per month on your electric bill. This will pay for itself in no time…while you add value to your home.

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