DIY AC Service

Want to know what to check before calling for A/C service?

• Are all switches on the Thermostat in the correct operating position?

• Are the air conditioning circuit breakers in the “ON” position?

• Do you have a clean filter? Failing to change your filters will result in higher electric bills and cause your air conditioning system to fail before its time.

• Some ac units and thermostats have a 2 to 5-minute delay relay that may delay the unit from coming back on immediately. Be patient before calling for service. This is particularly important after a power failure.

• Be careful not to start and stop your unit. Turning the thermostat up and on at short intervals or switching it off and on can cause compressor problems.

• Check out your condenser (outside unit); be sure there is no debris causing your condenser to be starving for air.

• Is the air handler draining properly? You may be able to blow out the drain line to allow the system to begin to drain again. Pouring a bit of bleach through the drain once cleared will kill any algae growth that has occurred in the drain.

Always remember, regular maintenance on your heating and air conditioning system is your best bet to minimize breakdowns.

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