Comfortmaker AC Brand

Clearwater Air ConditioningYou’ll find any number of air conditioner brands on the market, from bottom-dollar options to those that command a premium price strictly on their name alone. While buying based strictly on name alone is not necessarily always the best decision for your needs, there are times when it’s a wise decision, particularly when you’re considering Comfortmaker air conditioning systems.

Who Is Comfortmaker?

Comfortmaker manufactures a very broad range of HVAC solutions, including air conditioning systems, heat pumps and furnaces. The brand has been around for a number of years, and is actually part of Watsco, Inc. – the largest distributor if its type. Comfortmaker is perhaps best known for providing high quality HVAC systems that not only stand the test of time, but also offer some of the best energy efficiency on the market.

Comfortmaker offers a broad selection of air conditioner types, ranging from entry models to high-end, super powerful systems and split systems designed for very large installations. In addition to providing quality products, though, the company also offers in-depth information for their customers to help ensure they choose the best system for their particular needs.

In addition to the range of systems and detailed information provided, another benefit of buying a Comfortmaker air conditioner is the warranty offered. All systems come with an extensive standard warranty on functional parts that lasts 10 full years. On top of that, the company offers their No Hassle Replacement ™ Limited Warranty that ups the ante on the protection you enjoy. This warranty offers immense protection and peace of mind.

As you can see, there are quite a few benefits you’ll enjoy when you work with Comfortmaker to provide heating and cooling for your home, from cash savings to peace of mind and no hassle protection. That’s why Andy’s Air Inc., a Clearwater air conditioning service company, always recommends comfortmaker.

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