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With the increasing number of options available, it helps to have a working knowledge of each. Some of the newer types are designed to be more energy efficient and long-lasting, which can cut the utility bills and boost the value of real estate. For a basic introduction to common types, consider the heat pump and straight cool systems. Be sure to consult with Clearwater air conditioning repair experts before selecting a system.

During warmer months, most systems will show no difference. Both straight cool systems and heat pumps use an evaporator to remove hot air from the building. Each uses a compressor to cycle refrigerant through piping that warm air passes over. In cooler months, the heat pump reverses to make use of warmer air outside the home. Heat pumps from Clearwater air conditioning repair companies can save money on energy costs, though there are limitations and one potential drawback.

Clearwater air conditioning repair businesses can install heat pumps that function best at maintaining the internal temperature of a building. Florida has a perfect climate for their operation since temperatures are typically comfortable during winter days and rarely drop below 35 at night. This is the optimum range for heat pumps. Differences in micro-climate may negate the advantages of a heat pump, so it pays to consult with professionals in the Clearwater air conditioning repair business. Some heat pumps are designed with an emergency electric heating element for those rare occasions that temperature drops below 35.

It is worth investigating the engineering advances made in dedicated straight cool systems. The drawback to using a heat pump is that some of these advances have not been incorporated into the newer systems. Check with a Clearwater air conditioning repair business to help in choosing the best system for particular homes or businesses.

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