Avoiding Costly Repairs

St Petersburg Ac RepairOften times, homeowners will simply forget about their air conditioner as long as it is maintaining a comfortable temperature in the home. They might not think to change the filter on a monthly basis, or even wonder if it is operating properly. It is only when a significant problem arises and the air quality in the home is compromised that they call a St. Petersburg air conditioning repair technician to tackle the problem.

However, there are significant things that a homeowner can do to avoid costly repairs. Changing the air filter at least once a month can avoid a buildup of dust, debris, pet hair and other particles that can clog the interior components of the air exchanger in the air conditioner. Simply switching out a dirty air filter with a clean one can help the AC unit run more efficiently.

The interior of the air conditioner is comprised of highly sensitive components that must work perfectly in unison to produce optimal performance. This necessitates that it remains free of any built-up dirt. When the AC unit is neglected, and dust and dirt buildup on the coils inside the air handler, it can significantly reduce the amount of cool air that is generated. A dirty air handler can create significant hotspots in the house, where there is not enough cool air to make the room comfortable.

Proper maintenance at least once a year by a certified St. Petersburg AC repair technician can help increase the lifespan of the air conditioner. When routinely serviced, the HVAC system can last up to five years longer than expected. This single fact should be the motivation needed to schedule annual air conditioning service by a licensed St. Petersburg AC repair company.

An HVAC professional has the tools and equipment necessary to inspect the system and clean all the necessary components. They can run a diagnostic test to ensure that the entire unit is operating properly.

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