AC Maintenance Program


If you’re like most homeowners, you give little thought to your air conditioning system. You might change the filter every few months, but other than that, you put little thought into whether the system is working properly until a problem occurs. However, going that route can lead to some very high repair costs – opting for an air conditioning maintenance program from a qualified Clearwater Air Conditioning Repair company can offer some significant savings and other benefits.

Catch Problems Now

While your air conditioning system is designed to work well for years and years, there can be problems. Seals can leak, bearings can wear out prematurely and other problems can manifest. One of the most significant benefits of enrolling in an air conditioning maintenance program now is that you can head those problems off while they’re still minor and before they become enormously expensive headaches.

Avoid Service Fees for Coolant Refills

Yet another advantage of enrolling in an air conditioning maintenance program is that you can save money on service fees. For instance, if you have to have your system’s coolant topped off, the service technician can take care of this during the scheduled maintenance inspection and you get to avoid paying an additional service fee. You’ll still have to pay for the coolant, but saving on service charges can be a very real financial benefit.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the most important benefit of enrolling in a maintenance program is the immense peace of mind you’ll have. It’s like having an insurance policy on your car in a way. You can rest easy knowing that your system is being cleaned, inspected and maintained by a professional throughout the entire year. Make sure that the service agreement you enroll in provides two annual inspections, and ensure the service company has a reputation for providing great customer service, though.

With this Florida summer heat, now may be the perfect time to have your HVAC unit serviced and see if your system will qualify for an AC Maintenance Agreement. As always you can Call Andy’s Air Inc if you have any questions.


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